June Is National CPR and AED Awareness Month and Comcast Technicians are Prepared

Three Comcast technicians pose in front of an Xfinity truck.

June is National CPR and AED Awareness Month, which aims to stress the importance of CPR and AED to as many people as possible. The campaign also places importance on the actions of bystanders in helping deal with emergencies, like the one a group of Comcast Network Technicians recently encountered.

Safety is always a priority for Comcast and Comcast technicians. In addition to safety training through Comcast, CPR certified training is made available to all Network Technicians through HSI and is required for technicians working in confined spaces. This CPR training proved to be of critical importance to Network Maintenance technicians, Tyler Brockl, Neil Lundman, and Tyler March.

The three technicians went to work on Thursday, June 1, thinking it was like any other day. They were working a high-priority job Woodinville, WA, when Brockl noticed a gentleman, who was doing landscape work, collapse on the ground nearby.

Brockl yelled to the man but got no response. As he ran over to the unresponsive landscaper, Brockl yelled up to Lundman, who was lifted in his boom truck, to call 911. Marchand helped relay information from Brockl to Lundman, and supported Brockl in getting aid started.

After confirming the man was not breathing and had only a faint pulse, Brockl started chest compressions until police arrived on the scene less than five minutes later, followed quickly by EMTs. The EMTs worked on the patient for another 20 minutes, got a heartbeat, and took him to the hospital. During his actions, Brockl felt several ribs break, which the medics later confirmed happens when performing CPR the correct way.

Although the situation was stressful and nerve-racking, Brockl is thankful to have seen the man as quickly as they did. “We were lucky to be there at that time,” Brockl explained, “and I would rather be lucky than good any day.”

The police and medics thanked all three technicians and stated that they did a great job. Police Chief BJ Meyers explained this was a “best-case scenario for a heart attack victim,” and if Brockl had not spotted him as quickly as he did, the landscaper’s chances of survival would have been drastically reduced.

“I am proud of the courage these three had to step in and help a stranger. Our technicians never know what they’re going to encounter when they’re out in the field, and Tyler, Neil, and Tyler demonstrated compassion and quick thinking in a stressful situation.”

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