Comcast Technician Steps Up as Good Samaritan in Spokane

Robert Fisher works on cable at a home.

It was just another workday in Spokane for Comcast Technician Robert Fisher when he came across an elderly man unconscious on the ground. Robert wasted no time in coming to the aid of the person, stopping what he was doing, and checking on his vital signs.

The gentleman was unresponsive, so Robert immediately called 911 for help. Robert stayed with him while he waited for paramedics to arrive. The person regained consciousness as the paramedics arrived, and thankfully they were able to quickly get him to a nearby hospital.

Robert never had any hesitation about helping the gentleman once he saw him in need.

“Things like this I see it just as basic, common decency to check to see if the person needs help,” said Robert.

Robert may be modest about his act of public service, but his colleagues were more than proud of what he did in the moment.

“What Robert did was awesome. Part of the reason I feel that way is not everyone is wired like that. I know people who see that kind of situation and step on the gas,” said Matthew Tomlinson, Technicians Supervisor, Comcast.

A week after the rescue, Robert was on the job and came to the aid of another person in the community.  Robert spoke with a man who appeared distressed and indicated he may harm himself. .

Robert made the extra effort to share what the man said to him with the housing authority in the area and the Spokane Police Department.

“It’s special that Robert recognizes the potential for somebody who needs help and to act on it. I’m super proud of Robert for having that wherewithal to recognize a situation that he can step into and possibly positively influence. I wish there were more people on the planet like Robert,” said Tomlinson.

Comcast is especially proud of when our technicians can step up and make positive impacts in our community in moments of need. Our Comcast Washington blog has recently highlighted technicians in Gig Harbor, Lacey, off of I-5, and off of I-405.

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