It’s National Good Samaritan Day! Comcast Technician Saves Freezing Cat

National Good Samaritan Day is celebrated on March 13 every year. It’s a day to celebrate and encourage kindness and selflessness, and we’re proud to recognize the thoughtfulness of Comcast Pacific Northwest Region Technician Eric Hemingway.

Eric was troubleshooting technical issues in the field on a snowy morning this month when he was approached by a customer with a unique request. The customer’s dog had chased a neighborhood cat up a pole with Comcast network equipment, and the cat had now been stuck up there for three days. Further, the customer’s children were very worried about the cat, which was now covered in Snow.

Eric immediately sprang into action, getting access to the person’s backyard, setting up his ladder, and borrowing a laundry basket from the customer. A few minutes later, “Buttons” the cat, was safely back on the ground.

Thank you, Eric, for using your tools and skillset to meet the needs of our customers, no matter what they are. We’re proud of Eric for going out of his way and recognizing him on National Good Samaritan Day!


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