How to Keep Connected and Informed as Winter Storm Power Outages Impact Thurston and Lewis Counties   

Snow on trees in a parking lot.

Severe weather last night brought some power outages to Thurston and Lewis Counties, which can result in a loss of services for some Xfinity and Comcast Business customers in the area.  We had tech crews working through the night and are committed to restoring services quickly and safely.

Emergency management procedures dictate that electricity must be restored first, and Comcast must receive safety clearance before our crews can begin restoration work.  If you have power restored but not Comcast services, we recommend that you restart or reset devices, including wireless gateways, modems, routers, and cable boxes.

In some situations, you may have power back but not your Comcast Services because the electricity that supplies our network has not been restored.  You may have local power, but a separate power outage could be impacting the Comcast service that runs to your home.

If the weather damage is severe, repairs may take more time due to downed power lines and safety concerns that remain present. Once it is safe, our crews will work to repair the network infrastructure that was damaged so services can be quickly restored.

For more information, please visit our blog post “Keeping Washington Connected: Prepare for Winter Storms,” available here:

We appreciate your patience in the restoration process and are committed to keeping you connected, no matter the weather. Stay safe, and as always, thank you for being an Xfinity or Comcast Business customer.

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