Keeping Washington Connected: Prepare for Winter Storms

An Xfinity truck is parked with an Xfinity technician working next to downed trees.

Severe weather in Washington is unpredictable and can cause outages. But with Comcast, there are still ways to stay connected, entertained, and informed. In most cases of severe weather, the two most significant impacts are commercial power outages and damage to our network. We are committed to working around the clock to restore services as quickly and safely as possible.

Comcast’s Internet, TV and telephone services for homes and businesses require commercial power. During a power outage, these Comcast services may stop functioning. Mobile phone service may also be affected. In a power outage, we cannot access the network and restore service until after your local utility has gone in to fix and restore their services.

As a result, you may get power restored at your home or business and not have access to Comcast services. As always, in these situations, we work closely with our local utility partners to restore services once commercial power is restored. While utility companies in our state plan to avoid power outages and quickly resolve any outages, service interruptions are possible.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for any weather-related outage:

  • Get updates on service outages: Sign into the Xfinity app or com to update your contact information, including your mobile phone number, so that you can receive text alerts about service interruptions. Click HERE to learn how. Are you already registered? You can always text OUT to 266-278 to check for outages in your area.
  • Stay connected, click HERE to explore our apps: Our Xfinity App allows you to view local network outages, receive chat support from Xfinity Assistant, check the status of a service call, and more. The Xfinity Stream app allows you to download movies and shows to watch offline, watch live TV from your mobile device, get weather updates, and more.
  • Comcast Business customers can check their My Account app on their mobile devices or the Comcast Business Status Center to get information and valuable updates.
  • Follow us on Twitter —our handle is @ComcastWA, and we post valuable updates in instances like these in Washington.

We recently became the first internet service provider to provide a product designed to maintain connectivity when a storm hits, trees are down, or a customer experiences a local outage with the launch of Storm-Ready WiFi. 

Think of Storm-Ready WiFi. as a backup generator for your Xfinity internet. When the power goes out, your network is automatically transitioned to cellular backup so you can continue using the Internet. Storm-Ready WiFi device is equipped with cellular backup and a four-hour rechargeable battery, more than enough power to keep customers up and running for the average power outage in the U.S. of two hours. Storm-Ready WiFi gives customers peace of mind that they can maintain connectivity at home, as it provides a seamless connection with auto-failover. For more on how Storm-Ready WiFi works, click here

  • Storm-Ready WiFi also doubles as a WiFi extender to deliver a strong WiFi signal to those hard-to-reach corners of the home. The device works with Xfinity gateways to create a wall-to-wall mesh network that seamlessly extends coverage throughout customers’ homes. Storm-Ready WiFi is also WiFi 6 capable, elevating the WiFi experience in the home with faster speeds, lower latency, and increased bandwidth to power more devices in the ever-increasing connected homes of today. 
  • Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi is available now for $7 a month for 36 months and may be purchased at your local Xfinity Store and online at www.xfinity.com.

Comcast has you covered in WashingtonWe’re committed to keeping you connected, no matter the weather. Stay safe, and as always, thank you for being an Xfinity or Comcast Business customer.

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