Comcast Prepares for Washington Snowstorm

comcast truck

During this period of severe weather, we hope you and your loved ones remain safe. Severe storms like these may affect your XFINITY services, but please know, our teams are ready to assist should you need us. We have prepared for this storm over the last several days, including alerting additional crews, moving generators and taking other steps to ensure our systems, networks and engineering operations centers are more resilient.

In most cases of severe weather, the two biggest impacts are commercial power outages and damage to our network, and we are committed to working around the clock to restore services as quickly and as safely as possible. As always, we will work closely with our local utility partners to restore services once commercial power is restored.

comcast truck in snow

If your power goes out, your Xfinity services won’t work until it’s restored. If your service is directly impacted by the weather, we’re prepared and will work to restore it as quickly as possible. Also, severe weather could impact roads in your area, making driving unsafe for our technicians. If we can’t get to you for a scheduled appointment, we will contact you and keep you informed.


  • Local commercial power must be restored to your home to power your cable box and modem before your video, phone and Internet services can begin working again.
  • Only after any damaged power lines are repaired in your area can our technicians obtain access to repair any damage the storm might have caused to our equipment or network.
  • It is possible and quite likely that during storm recovery, not all services will be restored at the same time and there are times when you will need to report service interruptions.
  • Should your services not immediately return as expected after a power outage, we recommend you unplug your devices from their power source, wait 5 seconds, and then plug them back in.
  • Be prepared and have an emergency plan in place. For more info, please click here.

We’re committed to helping you stay connected during and after the storm. Please stay safe!

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