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Comcast in 2013 Again Maps More than $3.8 Million and 300+ Recipients of Community Giving in Western Washington and Spokane

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screenshot of Spokane detail of the Comcast community investment map
Our map is a handy way to see, even at the street level, where Comcast donates to community organizations and other causes in Seattle, Puget Sound and, as shown here, Spokane County.
screenshot of the map
You can zoom in on the map for any area to see where Comcast has donated in Puget Sound and Spokane County in 2013 and in past years.

There’s an old saying out there about sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. Comcast in Washington State supported more than 300 causes of one kind or another in 2013. Those are our “trees.” Every year, we then map out the individual agencies and entities we work with to offer charitable donations and other support in the areas we serve of Seattle, the rest of Western Washington and Spokane County. The map thus helps us identify “the forest” of community giving.

While we may have a deep or simple relationship with anyone on this map, we are proud of each and every connection we can make in the community and whatever help we can provide. There are two maps:

There are different kinds of descriptions for each gift, but here are some of the categories in our 2013 map:

There are some donations still being processed and tracked for December, so this post will eventually be updated with year-end numbers.

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