Construction Begins on Comcast’s High-Speed Internet Expansion on Key Peninsula

A trench is dug by machinery in dirt.

In partnership with Pierce County, Comcast has started construction in the public rights of way to expand the availability of high-speed Internet services on the Key Peninsula. Comcast is now constructing the infrastructure to make its fast and reliable fiber-rich Xfinity network available to hundreds of Key Peninsula homes and businesses, including its full suite of services, like multi-gig broadband speeds for residential customers and up to 100 Gbps for business customers.

Some Key Peninsula homes and businesses will start receiving access to Comcast service as early as later this year. With construction expected to continue until 2025, Comcast is committed to ensuring that all of the more than 500 homes and businesses will have the foundational next-generation network in place to introduce new multi-gigabit Internet options.

Comcast has created an online resource for local residents seeking information about the network construction in their neighborhood, including answers to frequently asked questions and product and service details, at:

Residents can expect to see construction on the Key Peninsula going north to south between 144th St NW to Hall Rd NW, and west to east from 188th Ave NW to Wright Bliss Rd NW. Crews will be working Monday-Thursday from 6:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Signs will be posted indicating work areas. Temporary road closures or detours may be required, and parking may be restricted in construction zones. Access to properties will be maintained as much as possible during construction. Residents will be notified by the construction contractor, Cannon Companies, at least 10 days in advance of any temporary restrictions or road closures.

Machinery with trucks and workers work on a road.

A partnership between Comcast and Pierce County, this project is part of the effort to facilitate the expansion of broadband infrastructure to underserved areas of Pierce County. The approximately $5 million high-speed Internet expansion project is being funded as a public-private partnership between Comcast and Pierce County, with the County contributing $3.75 million of federal funding allocated through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA).

“Broadband Internet has become one of the essential infrastructures our communities rely upon. We’re proud to support the expansion of broadband to more Pierce County residents for their business, education, and entertainment needs,” said Jen Tetatzin, director of Pierce County Planning and Public Works.

“Access to technology is a powerful driver of economic growth and innovation, and we look forward to connecting more Key Peninsula residents to all the opportunities broadband offers. We are expanding our network over 25 miles to connect homes and businesses to reliable and fast broadband service,” said Roy Novosel, vice president of engineering, Comcast Washington.

For more information about Pierce County’s broadband expansion initiative please visit

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