Comcast Technicians Bring Operation Old Glory Flag Replacement Program to Whidbey Island

An Xfinity truck is parked by a flag pole and a Comcast technician repairs an American flag at the top of the pole.

Comcast’s commitment to the military community began with our founder, U.S. Navy veteran Ralph Roberts, and continues today through our many Military Engagement initiatives. One initiative we are especially proud of is Operation Old Glory, a nationwide flag replacement program started by our military veteran employees.

Now, Operation Old Glory has made its way to Whidbey Island, thanks to three of our dedicated Flag Ambassadors.

Comcast Technician and U.S. Navy veteran Jesse Mittendorf was on a routine call recently when he noticed a tattered American flag hanging outside a business in Oak Harbor. The business owner, also a veteran, had been unable to replace the flag due to a broken rope that left it stuck at the top of the pole.

“I couldn’t just leave it like that,” Mittendorf said. “As a veteran, I understand the importance of the flag and what it represents. It felt like my duty to ensure that it was replaced and given the respect it deserves.”

Mittendorf quickly enlisted the help of fellow technicians and Flag Ambassadors Santiago Mares and Rusty Etheridge, who secured a new flag and an Xfinity truck with a lift. Together, they carefully lowered the old flag and raised a new one, ensuring it flew proudly once again.

“We’re grateful that Comcast has a program that allows us to honor those who served and help communities fly our nation’s flag in all its glory,” said Etheridge, who has deep family connections to the military.

Since launching Operation Old Glory, Comcast technicians have replaced thousands of American flags in the communities we serve, free of charge. All flags provided through this program are made in America and supplied by a veteran-owned business. We also ensure our Flag Ambassadors are trained on the customs and courtesies for properly handling the American flag, including the 13 Folds tradition.

“Operation Old Glory is a testament to Comcast’s commitment to honoring our veterans and military families. Seeing our teammates, like Jesse Mittendorf, Santiago Mares, and Rusty Etheridge, take such pride in this initiative is truly inspiring,” said Mona Dexter, Comcast NBCUniversal’s Vice President of Military and Veteran Affairs. “We are incredibly proud of our Flag Ambassadors and their efforts to unite and uplift the communities we serve.”

At Comcast, we believe in connecting with the military community by creating an inclusive workplace for our military teammates and special experiences for military customers. We are proud to donate to military community-serving organizations, support veteran-owned small businesses, and prioritize military hiring.  We also offer exclusive benefits for veterans, service members, and military families.

Learn more about Comcast’s military engagement efforts at military.comcast.com.

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