Comcast Technician Makes a Heroic Rescue in South Seattle

Comcast technician Marcus Williams.

While our technicians are out in the field every day providing important services to keep our customers connected, they sometimes encounter extraordinary moments when they can make a difference in someone’s life.

Comcast Technician Marcus Williams arrived at a customer’s home in South Seattle for what he thought would be a typical appointment. He would quickly discover that was not going to be the case on this morning.

The first sign something was not right was when he rang the doorbell, and no one answered despite it being the time of the scheduled service. Friends of the customer were also outside though and concerned and were able to unlock the door to the home.

Once inside, Marcus discovered the customer was having a medical emergency. He immediately called 911 and assessed the situation. Marcus needed to perform CPR. He drew on his experience of being professionally trained and certified in CPR as part of his Comcast safety training and remained on the line with emergency services.

Marcus was able to successfully perform CPR while paramedics made their way to the customer’s home. It was a harrowing experience, but he was able to do everything he could to help the customer until paramedics were able to arrive.

Because of Marcus’ swift action, the customer was given the crucial time he needed to make it until paramedics arrived.

“There is no doubt without Marcus’ intervention the customer would have been in a terrible position. I cannot commend Marcus’ actions enough, especially for having the courage to step into an unknown situation and provide a stranger the necessary support needed,” said Brodie Hoffer, Technical Operations Supervisor, Comcast.

“I stayed for 20 minutes, and someone came out and told me he’s going to make it. We’re going to take him to the hospital, and it’s like you saved this guy’s life,” said Marcus.

The experience ran the gamut of feelings and emotions for Marcus, and in the end, he’s glad he was prepared and able to do what he could to help.

“I walked out, and it was like I did a full-blown work out. I’m just laying against a wall, thinking what just happened? Emotions come over you. What is this? I didn’t know whether to cry. I was just so emotional after that. The police came and they said you know; most people don’t just jump in and help someone like that. I said, this is what we do,” said Marcus.

Marcus took time to process the experience and walked away feeling well, thankful for the training he had, and ready to step up again if he ever ended up in a similar situation.

“I was happy that I had training and I thank Comcast for that. I know that if it happens again. I know that I can do it.

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