Comcast Surprises First Residential Customer in Silverdale

Comcast employees on a porch of a Comcast customer with a balloon..

We celebrated our first residential customer and installation in Silverdale by surprising customer George R. Comcast employees in the area met George at his house to share the good news with him and balloons.

A Comcast customer receives balloons from a Comcast employee.

This month, we completed the initial phase of our expansion to bring the smart, fast, reliable fiber-rich Xfinity 10G Network to 700 homes and businesses in Silverdale, Washington.

“I was excited to know we are first. What I expected was a normal, routine installation of high-speed internet, but using coaxal, but finding out it was actually going to be fiber in the house, and I was the first one, I was pretty excited,” said George R. “Like everyone else, I want to go as fast as I can.”

A Comcast customer receives a certificate from a Comcast employee on his porch.

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