Military Appreciation Month: Seattle-Area BoneFrog Coffee Company Honors Fallen Soldiers with Help from Comcast Business

Tim Cruikshank from Bonefrog Coffee.

BoneFrog Coffee Company’s technology solutions have powered the growing business that is dedicated to honoring fallen soldiers.

May is Military Appreciation Month and it is the perfect time to highlight military and veteran organizations Comcast has worked with recently in Washington.

BoneFrog Coffee Company (BoneFrog) is using Comcast Business Internet and SecurityEdge™ solutions to help expand its reach and services to customers across the country. Not only do the solutions help enable sales and business growth for BoneFrog, but they also support the veteran-owned business in its mission to honor the fallen soldiers who gave their lives serving their country.

BoneFrog was established in 2018, after founder and CEO Tim Cruickshank retired from 25 years of service in the Navy and decided he would use his time as a civilian to honor the sacrifices of his fallen comrades. The BoneFrog is recognized by SEAL Teams as a sacred symbol honoring SEALs who have sacrificed their lives for their country. Cruickshank chose the BoneFrog as his company’s namesake to share its symbolism with all Americans.

With the mentorship of Seattle coffee guru Dave Stewart, Cruickshank learned how to roast coffee and established his business in a garage. Now operating out of a larger manufacturing warehouse, Bonefrog offers six unique roasts of coffee and relies on direct-to-consumer and wholesale sales from its online platform. With plans to open a brick-and-mortar store, establish distribution centers and grow into larger markets, Cruickshank knew he needed a technology backbone that could support his business operations now, and be flexible enough to grow with the business in the future.

“Any small business owner knows the difficulty of starting a business and keeping it open,” said Tim Cruickshank, CEO and founder of BoneFrog. “Partnering with Comcast Business has changed how we think about using technology to stay successful. If I don’t have reliable internet, I don’t have the reason why I started this business: To connect with others.”

While Cruickshank loves to share a great cup of coffee, BoneFrog’s true goal is to ensure that the names of fallen soldiers are never forgotten. A portion of the business’ proceeds are given to multiple foundations that support veterans who have been injured in the line of duty, and the families of fallen soldiers. He takes time each month to reach out to his customers personally and thank them for their business, as their purchases are directly impacting people’s lives.

“BoneFrog Coffee Company is a humbling reminder of how much technology solutions can contribute, not only to a business’ success but to a community’s foundation,” said Rob Brenner, vice president of Comcast Business for Comcast’s Pacific Northwest Region. “Knowing that the solutions we are providing are also helping to shed light on such an important cause is an honor. It’s not about what we do, it’s about who we do it for.”


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