Comcast Delivers Gigabit Internet Service in Seattle

Comcast announced today that it is launching a new internet service that will deliver speeds up to 1 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) to residential customers throughout Seattle. These speeds will be among the fastest and most widely available in the region and include access to the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network of more than 17 million hotspots. Combined with the company’s recently launched Xfinity xFi platform, a new and personalized home Wi-Fi experience, Comcast is giving Seattle customers the fastest speeds, the best coverage, and ultimate Wi-Fi control in their homes.

Expansion of Comcast’s residential 1 Gigabit service will be available in Tacoma and Bellevue later this year.

“We are excited to be able to provide our Seattle residential customers with 1 Gig speeds using their existing home wiring,” said Amy Lynch, Regional Senior Vice President. “We know Seattle is a hub of tech innovation and are committed to ensuring our customers have the speeds and reliability they need to do great things, even if it’s from the comfort of their couch.”

“All Seattle residents need access to competitive internet options,” said Michael Mattmiller, Chief Technology Officer for the City of Seattle. “Today’s announcement means that the vast majority of Seattle residents have access to gigabit broadband internet service, increasing economic and educational opportunities that will improve our community’s quality of life.”

Earlier this month, Comcast launched Xfinity xFi, a platform that provides a simple digital dashboard for customers to set up their home Wi-Fi network, find their password, see what devices are connected, troubleshoot issues, set parental controls, and even pause Wi-Fi access on their home network during dinner or bedtime.  Outside the home, most Xfinity Internet customers also have complimentary access to nearly 17 million Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.

The company’s new 1 Gigabit internet service will use DOCSIS 3.1 technology to deliver the speeds over the existing communications lines that are already in most people’s homes.  To enjoy the service, all customers need to do is install a new DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem.  New and current customers in Seattle can visit to learn about the new service and request additional information.

The everyday price for 1 Gigabit service is $159.95 a month without a contract.  In Seattle and other Washington cities the company is also testing a $109.99 monthly promotional price, with a one-year service agreement.  Additional prices and promotions may be tested in the future.



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