ArtsFund Awards 2013 Grants to Groups in Pierce, King Counties

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ArtsFund is the local corporate council for the arts. It is based in Seattle and supports groups in both Pierce and King County

It’s always an honor to participate in the ArtsFund annual grants to the local arts groups that add so much delight and depth to our community. ArtsFund is the Seattle-based local corporate council for the arts. Again this year, Comcast made donations for groups in both King and Pierce counties.

In Pierce County, we ask ArtsFund to direct our donation to groups that have the most vigorous and rigorous school outreach programs. This year, the allocations committee couldn’t pick just one recipient, so we split the pool of money among three groups. Each of these organizations puts enormous effort into sharing the arts in schools and among diverse populations: the Museum of Glass, the Tacoma Art Museum and Tacoma Musical Playhouse.

There are certainly other great groups in Tacoma reaching out to serve the community – the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts could write a book on the topic – but the ArtsFund allocations committee chose the first listed groups as recipients of our grants. That’s partly because the Broadway Center already got a relatively large pool of funding from ArtsFund already based on the strength of its activities.

Read more about the $2.56 million in ArtsFund grants, with a complete list of recipients, at this link.

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