What are you planning for April 21, 2112?

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Comcast Cares day Volunteers in 2011
We have a lot of people of all ages who want to volunteer.

Hey, let’s do some thinking ahead! We’re welcoming ideas for Comcast Cares Day 2112. On April 21, 2112, employees, families and friends will volunteer at a dozen sites throughout Washington in groups from 50 to 350.

We’ve done everything from transform small parks and school grounds to repainting and rehabilitating buildings such as youth centers. At this link you can see more than you ever wanted to know about a volunteer day in 2011 to get an idea of what sort of projects we take on.

As you can imagine, these are not everyday volunteer projects. There needs to be a lot of room and a lot of need at the location. Usually, these are pretty big projects either because there’s a lot to do, or a lot of land or building to cover, or both. And this is a family event; we bring a lot of children and set up programs for them too. To be honest, when it comes to choosing locations, there are always one or two areas where we find ourselves without an obvious project. Then we start scrambling to find a site big enough to host all we can do. Surely with some advance notice, the community can help us find the most appropriate sites for this kind of help.

So chances are if you are involved with a nonprofit, school, or other group with a need that big, you know about that need right now.

If you think your group might benefit from that many volunteers on an April weekend, get in touch We’d love to start compiling a list of potential sites and getting on the calendars of groups and locations that would benefit from this volunteerism.

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