We know it has never been more important to have a smart, reliable home network that delivers fast Internet speeds for everyone in the family – whether you’re on a video conference at work or streaming a movie or playing a game at the end of a long day.  Below we offer a few tips and resources that can help your home network operate at peak performance at all times:

Tighten all cables. Make sure cable going into your internet equipment or cable TV boxes are finger tight. A loose cable can cause signal leakage, which can lead to signal interference that can give you network issues inside the home.

Ensure software is up to date. Just like a mobile phone or laptop, internet equipment sometimes needs to download updates from the internet. It’s good practice to power cycle this equipment every so often. Simple unplug the unit from the electrical outlet, wait one minute, and then plug it back in. While the unit boots up, it may download and install updates.

Get Control in the Palm of Your Hand. The Xfinity mobile app is the easiest way to monitor and troubleshoot your Internet service and home network — no technician needed. With tools like speed tests, connection troubleshooting, device monitoring, parental controls, and more, you can do it all from your favorite mobile device. It also comes equipped with always-on support with 24/7 real-time help and support right from the app with Xfinity Assistant. Download the free Xfinity app via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Use Direct, Wired Connections If Needed – For households using the gateway for multiple business functions – perhaps mom and dad are on Microsoft Teams video conferences for work, combined with children streaming a movie – try connecting one family member who is nearest the gateway directly via ethernet cable (For newer laptops: use an ethernet adapter.)

Your Modem and Router Location Matter! Where you locate your internet modem and router (together called a gateway) within your home can affect how far the WiFi signal travels. For the strongest and furthest connection, put your internet equipment in a central, elevated location so devices throughout your home can be reached. Treat this equipment like a lamp. Avoid hiding it under the stairs, in a bookcase, in the basement, or on the ground where the WiFi signal cannot penetrate as far. Also, placing your internet equipment next to a window broadcasts your signal outside.

Coverage is Key. Depending on the size of your house, you may also benefit from WiFi extenders to create a mesh wireless network. If your at-home workspace is in the basement or a spare bedroom, an extender expands the WiFi signal to those harder-to-reach areas. Some internet service providers sell their own. (We offer Xfinity xFi pods that easily plug into the wall socket).

The Need for Speed. You may need to stream online video conferences and upload large business documents while your children play video games in the playroom. This heavy data usage could affect WiFi performance depending on your internet plan. Also, the additional number of connected devices in the home and how they are used could slow down the in-home network. Make sure you have enough internet bandwidth to handle this additional traffic.

Keep Close Track of What’s Running on the Network – Many streaming apps will continue to the next episode even if the TV is off. Be sure to fully exit out of any application when it’s not actively in use.


Weather and power outages may affect your XFINITY or Comcast Business services in Washington state. During severe weather, the two biggest impacts are commercial power outages and damage to our network. We work around the clock and use all of our resources to restore services as quickly and as safely as possible.

This also means proper planning, and we work in advance to prepare for these major weather events. We call more work crews, bring in generators, and take other steps to ensure our systems, networks and operations centers are resilient.

We also partner with local power crews in outages and severe weather. They are the first priority. This means we are unable to restore your Xfinity, or Comcast Business service until the power company has restored service to your neighborhood. For more details on how your services could be impacted during a storm or severe weather and some helpful resources, please visit our Xfinity Storm Ready and Comcast Business Storm Ready websites.

This video below details how a loss of power may affect our Xfinity internet and TV services, and Comcast Business services.


Q: I have power, but my Xfinity services are out. Why don’t I have Xfinity services?

While the power to your home may be on, parts of our network that provide your Xfinity service may be in areas where the commercial power is unavailable, leading to a disruption of service. Once power is restored to those portions of the network, we will restore service ASAP when it is safe to do so.

To verify that this is the case, you can try unplugging your Xfinity equipment from its power source, waiting five seconds, and plugging your equipment back into the power source.

Please be assured that we are working to restore service as quickly and safely as possible. Get outage updates for your area and information about your Xfinity service by visiting My Account. Comcast Business customers can visit

Q: What should I do if my Xfinity service is down, and I’m not sure if it’s related to Power or Utilities?

If your service is down, check My Account or the Status Center first to see if there’s a known outage in your area. If it shows an outage for your address, there is no need to call, as we’re monitoring our network and will work quickly to restore your service as soon as conditions are safe.

It is possible and quite likely that during storm recovery, not all services will be restored at the same time and there are times when you will need to report service interruptions.

You may notice some temporary service interruptions while our technicians work to get everything repaired.

Q: My neighbor has TV, Internet, and Voice services but I do not.

Even though your neighbor may have service, it’s possible that your home receives its Xfinity connection from another part of our network that has been affected by an outage event. Crews will restore services as quickly as possible.

Check My Account or the Status Center to see if an outage has been reported for your address. If your services are out, but it’s not reported, please notify us of your outage within My Account or by calling 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). Comcast Business customers can visit