Comcast Technician Puts Out Fire in Everett

A photo of James Phillips.

Comcast technicians pride themselves on being part of the community where they live and work. They know times may come when they are out in the community, and they can help someone in need.

That happened to Comcast Technician James Phillips recently in Everett.

James was driving home from work on I-5 when he smelled burning brakes and saw smoke ahead of him. He tracked down the smoke to an RV on the road and signaled the driver to pull over. The driver of the RV let James know his vehicle was on fire.

James acted quickly and grabbed his fire extinguisher as he approached the RV. He found the vehicle’s front brakes were on fire and acted quickly, deploying the extinguisher and putting out the flames. The driver and his RV were safe, and the driver was thankful James could ensure disaster was avoided.

Helping someone else is something that is just in James’ blood. “I’m always looking to help others out and believe in putting others first above yourself,” said James.

James’ supervisor agreed as well. “We are proud of James for being aware and willing to step up in a time of need. His selfless act went above and beyond the call of duty. James not only was a great representation of the Company on that day but showed his commitment to being an outstanding community member,” said Brandon Johnson, Technical Operations Supervisor, Comcast. 

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