XfinityHome Tour Visits KING 5 and the Pirillo Home

If you’re like technology blogger Chris Pirillo and other tech savvy Seattlites, your home is completely wired. The big problem is you wish all those smart home components like cameras, remote door locks, thermostats, lights and smoke alarms could operate seamlessly across one system.

Enter Xfinity Home with its simple-to-use dashboard.

“If you know how to use your smartphone, you know how to use this system,” Chris told us shortly after he became a “beta tester” for Xfinity Home. “In the day and age where everything is an app, that’s exactly what I want to use for my smarthome.”

Comcast outfitted Chris’s Issaquah home with the latest and greatest in smarthome technology.  This is the home Chris shares with his wife, Diana, another video blogger and who is due this month to deliver the couple’s first child.

Comcast Vice President of New Business Dennis Mathew recently visited to get Chris’s first thoughts about Xfinity Home and to talk with others about the product. Dennis and Chris gave a demo and tour of the smarthome to the newspaper in Chris’ hometown, Issaquah. You can read the Issaquah Press story here.

“Xfinity Home is intuitive to operate and adjusts to the needs and wants of any individual homeowner. We don’t want you to be afraid of your security system,” Dennis said. “We’ve created a unified smarthome experience, not a disjointed experience.”

Here’s the first of Chris Pirillo’s comments in his and his wife Diana’s daily video blog about the new service.


Last Friday, for his birthday, Chris gave his annual house tour. You can hear several references in the video to how Xfinity Home is fitting into his life, such as this one.


While he was in town, Dennis also spoke with KING’s Margaret Larson about Xfinity Home. Here’s a link to where you can find the video to learn more about this smarthome solution:

screenshot of dennis mathew on KING
Comcast VP of New Business Dennis Mathew visited from Philadelphia to talk about the smarthome features of Xfinity Home. Click on the photo to go to KING’s site and watch the segment.

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