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Comcast Celebrates Its Veterans, Chapter 2013

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    “My experience in the Army National Guard helped me with determination, flexibility and problem-solving, which has allowed me to progress in my career path here at Comcast.” –  Ryan Dale


Every year, Comcast in Washington hosts a couple of hundred veterans and their supervisors at the Comcast Arena in Everett to honor the veterans who work for us. They bring enormous talent and skills to our workforce, which means, among other things, better service for you the customer. This year, our internal communications manager Michelle Becker and video production manager Ed Hauge worked with three veterans to film short videos. These videos will be shown throughout the program at our veterans event.

You might enjoy seeing the videos too. There’s already plenty of discussion out there about why businesses should hire veterans, which is why we donate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of PSAs for Hire America’s Heroes. But seeing the faces of these three people makes the cause more real. They can describe in their own voice why hiring a veteran makes so much sense.

You’ll meet:

  • Ryan Dale, a technical trainer based in Puyallup, who you met above
  • Brenda Wilson, market development manager for our business services group, based in Everett, whose video is at the top of this post.

“My experience in the military has helped me because it helps me to be a better leader, to help the people around me to be better leaders and to strive to be successful in everything that they do … I value my experience in the military because it made me a better person and better leader.


  • Mark Fuerbringer, a headend technician in Bellevue (the headend is what we call the place where TV signals are gathered and distributed)

    “My military experience has helped me with my career by teaching me how to work under stress and the value of teamwork.”


You’ll find this commitment and honor for veterans in other parts of the company. Comcast recently announced that Comcast and NBCUniversal have hired 2,000 veterans since January 2012, achieving the company’s veteran hiring commitment almost two years ahead of schedule as part of its ongoing partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “Hiring Our Heroes” initiative. (And just to avoid any confusion, that’s a different effort than Hire America’s Heroes, the group we mentioned earlier, which is based in Washington State)

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