Comcast Digital Connectors Youth Program Sends Tech-Savvy Grads into the World

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This month, dozens of local high school students will celebrate the conclusion of a yearlong program called Comcast Digital Connectors. Twice a week, after school, the students learn technical and leadership skills. The first group in Washington to graduate this academic year comes from the Rainier Valley area of Seattle. The students attend the Neighborhood House computer center in the Seattle Housing Authority’s Rainier Vista development.  I talked to some of these youth before and after their graduation from Comcast Digital Connectors so you can hear their views in the video above.

My favorite part of the graduation are the videos. Digital Connectors learn how to film and edit video as part of the program, giving us all rare, candid insights into the world and perspectives of teen-agers in 2013. We hope, in the coming weeks, to share several with you. Among the other groups that offer Comcast Digital Connectors programs besides Neighborhood House: the Boys and Girls Clubs of Federal Way, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Thurston County in Lacey, El Centro de La Raza in Seattle and the Tacoma Urban League. Our big thanks to the Comcast Foundation for supporting them all.

Here is one of the videos from the Neighborhood House youth. I’ll just say, very candidly, that you will see misspellings and other things that might jump out to an adult. The trick here is to see this and the other videos we will post over the next several days for what they are:  an expression of teens in Rainier Vista in 2013. Seen that way, the videos are a perfect reflection of what the teens know and want to share.

Transportation in the Vista! from NH Digital Connectors on Vimeo.

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