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Winners of the Most-Popular Xfinity On Demand Programming: Bridesmaids, Tosh.0 and the ‘Bob

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Comedian Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh searches the Internet for interesting content to share with his viewers. Tosh.0 was Xfinity On Demand’s most-viewed TW show in 2011

Every year, we have fun catching up with totals of what we all watched the most On Demand in Seattle, Spokane, and the rest of Washington State. The clear winner this year was the movie Bridesmaids. The geek in all of us will be happy to hear the name of the most popular TV program, Tosh.0.

You probably only have to be breathing to recognize the name of the most popular kids’ show. In fact, you only have to use the hero’s  first name and people recognize him: SpongeBob is everywhere!

You can read more about the national Xfinity On Demand winners here at Comcast Voices. The blog notes “With some 400 million views each month On Demand — or nearly 5 billion views in 2011 — the category winners represent a true popularity contest.”

So who was popular here in Washington, as a state? Here was our list for 2011:

1. Bridesmaids* (Universal)
2. Red* (Summit)
3. Hall Pass* (Warner Bros.)
4. Due Date* (Warner Bros.)
5. Bad Teacher * (Sony)
6. The Adjustment Bureau* (Universal)
7. Horrible Bosses* (Warner Brothers)
8. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1* (Warner Bros.)
9. Little Fockers* (Universal)
10. Just Go With It* (Sony)
Across America, Hall Pass was No. 2 and Red No. 3, but those positions are flipped in Washington.
By the way, where you see an asterix is where the movie was available On Demand the same day it was for sale on DVD format.
Here were the most popular TV shows in Washington:
1. Tosh.0
3. Hawaii Five-0
4. South Park
5. Two and A Half Men
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. Family Guy
8. CSI
9. Pawn Stars
10. The Office

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