What a Nice Thank You for Comcast Cares Day by Network Tacoma

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We were so delighted to wake up and read this nice thank you on page A3 in The News Tribune:

Title: Applause
Network Tacoma, a local outreach to homeless families, was the Pierce County recipient of Comcast Cares Day. This was a huge help to our labor among the needy of Tacoma.

The crew from Comcast provided a combined 1,148 hours of labor and painted two fourplex units where homeless families live. They built seven community gardens, erected a children’s play toy, installed a family barbecue area and started a patio along with major fence repair and construction.

The total gift of materials and labor is well over $30,000.

When companies take an active part in the community it has a lasting impact. I want to applaud Comcast for its efforts.

Robert Weyrick, Founder of Network Tacoma

What a nice letter! There’s a lot of pressure on daily newspapers to just print what’s wrong in the world, so this was a nice donation of space by the News Tribune. We couldn’t find Robert’s note archived on their site, and so I transcribed it to reproduce and memorialize the nice letter here.

The project he speaks of was over multiple sites and even more complex than we expected: some folks were there until 7:30 p.m. that day. But I heard no complaints. In fact our people were thrilled when they got to see a ‘graduation’ ceremony: someone graduating from homelessness into permanent housing. It was apparently quite emotional, of course. That sort of sight makes you really appreciate that volunteering makes a difference.

You can see pictures of the Network Tacoma work here; the day was organized by the staff at our Fife Call Center.

One thing … there actually was a second Comcast Cares Day project in Pierce County, at L’Arche Farm & Garden, which serves the developmentally disabled; the Tacoma Weekly just did a great report on Comcast Cares Day in Parkland that you can read here.

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