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Note: This is the first post by Tricia Sihapanya, our new employee communications manager in Washington. It’s about one of her first projects: providing a fresh look at Xfinity TV to employees. The company just announced the number of video choices for Xfinity is up to 150,000. Our goal here with this post is to give you a little info about Xfinity TV and also share the video, produced by Ed Hauge, video production manager, and filmed with employees with a very good sense of humor at our Fife, Washington, call center.

 In the day of Hulu and Netflix, what’s so great about a cable company offering their services online?  Being a new employee here at Comcast (with just a month of service under my belt) and the employee communications manager here in Washington, I asked that very question when I was tasked with creating awareness and excitement internally about Xfinity TV being online.

So first I went to the site to explore. It’s a given that you go online to watch shows you miss (and a necessity for days like last weekend when my TV was consumed by football). But it’s pretty cool to be able to watch Dexter and Entourage online as part of my subscription to HBO and Showtime. I don’t get that elsewhere.

I also love the DVR Manager. We have multiple DVRs at home, so going online this morning to change my recording of Glee from the workout room to the living room tonight was convenient. (as sadlyI won’t be stepping onto the elliptical when I get home)

I also took the liberty of deleting The Event off of our lineup, I just can’t take the comparisons to Lost (sigh). . . it’s too soon.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could rent movies On Demand on my computer (even same day as DVD), and impressed I even have the option to buy – the computer felt like an extension of my TV at home.

You’ll see in the video that Ed and I made our way around the call center to talk to employees who have used Xfinity TV online. We’re embedding the video in our company e-newsletter today. You’d be amazed how many were thrilled to be able to watch old TV shows like The A-Team and the original Hawaii Five-O.  Even more so, employees were excited that this was a service customers had been wanting.  As a customer myself, by the time I had used Xfinity TV online, I was not only impressed, I was pretty much hooked.

Here’s the video. I just know you’re going to tease us about Comcast employees watching TV on the job, but you get it: this was just a fun little video project.


For a little more info about Xfinity TV, check out our corporate blog

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