Washington leader helped test Tech ETA, the new feature that tells customers which tech will be arriving at their home and when

Today Comcast announced the arrival of Tech ETA, a new feature in the My Account app that offers you an estimated 30-minute window for when your technician should arrive at your home. You can see the tech’s name and photo, so you know who will be knocking or ringing at the door.

Read more about Tech ETA here.

Comcast first tested TechETA in our neighboring state of Oregon. The leader of our technical operations teams here in Seattle, Todd Gorder, worked in Portland at the time and says they knew from the start that Tech ETA was going to be a hit with customers.

“We heard time and time again that customers appreciate knowing who will be knocking at their door. We don’t just want to let our customers know when we’ll be arriving, we want to let them know who will be arriving,” says Gorder, Vice President of Technical Operations in Washington.

If you don’t already have it, please know that the My Account app lets you do a lot of things, from resetting your modem to checking on service issues. It’s troubleshooting and more in your pocket, and can you find the download here. 


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